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Calling all Flash collaborators!

I am working on a project called "Mismagius' Revenge". You can veiw the teaser of the Opening now as my first Flash Portal submission(Please note I can't see your reveiws until it is approved).
I ave already plans for how everything shall go, and am nearly through with the script/screenplay.

[b]However!!![/b] I lack able voice actors/actresses for some roles in the show! The voices I need are as follows:
Gold- I REALLY need this one. A young teenage-male voice should suffice.
Bellossom-Not really all too important, but still part of the show.
Jynx- Same as above.
Misc cast(May/Jessie/James)- These are one liners. Anybod can do these
Misc. Crowd voices-Anybody can qualify for this. Send me in various gasps, boss, cheers ect.

If you'd like to voice for this flash, drop a line here, or leave me a message.